Monday, December 10, 2007

Bunnies in Trees and Fruit Dogs

goodness... i can't make coherent sentences these days. I second guess everything i write and say. the previous sentence took me far too long to write because i had to sit and think long and hard about where each word belongs. Aiye! my words dont flow well! anyways, just so i don't sound stupid, i'm going to blame it on the fact that i speak two languages. Funny, just like everything else in my life, i'm pretty mediocre at the two languages i know.

Moving away from my rant on my ability to communicate, I took this character development assignment as an opportunity to learn how to sew. I think i would have had better results for this assignment if i sculpted something, but i felt inclined to make a stuffed animal.( pretty stupid i guess)

So the story is that the white bunny wearing the bunny pelt is hunting the dumb looking one. My heart was breaking morning because it was raining outside and i had to hang my bunnies from trees which is pretty... strange. All in all i don't think my solution fits the assignment, but at least I learned how to sew.

can anyone recommend music to me? I very capricious when it comes to music and i seem to be bored with everything i own all of a sudden. ..... hell, does anyone read this blog?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yay! the Scanner's fixed!

So the scanner in the senior studios has been fixed, meaning i dont need to scan my images in 4 or more pieces.

this is my painting for sado masochism, the spider made me cringe really badly

and this painting is about furries... i felt kinda silly painting this one, and it took me far too long to figure out the colors.

anyways, finals are pretty intense. next time i post, ill probably be at home.