Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pretty Trees

I don't really have many interesting or new things, but i felt like i posting, so i am

- I am in love with Andrew Bird, Owen Pallett and The Go Team! .

- Every day i look more and more like a zombie.

- Someone seriously needs to buy me some chocolate, cause ive run out.

- I think my brain went on vacation.

Last week i went to the park with mark. i took pictures of some wonderful trees ^.^
Lovely roots
someone wrapped a tree in white yarn and it was pretty.
A sea of i think clovers and some weird cabbage/onion plant. ( it smelt like an onion)
I <3 This picture

i have sketchbook ADD.

I think im losing the ability to speak both english and korean.

New Blog Huzzah!

OK!.... so i decided to move my xanga to blogspot cause xanga is sucking, and im a part of 4 other blogs on blogspot.

So prepare for fun things!.... or not so fun things...

And a quick note... im not racist against asian people. im just really bad at being one.