Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pulverized Brains

So the past few weeks have been super busy. I started to take some bio classes and also took care of my house while my mom was gone. I really suck at being a real person.

Other than that, I have sadly not drawn too much over the past few months. My present sketchbook has fast become the lamest sketchbook I've owned. The only doodles I really had time for, were the ones that I did while trying desperately not to fall asleep in class.

I had a robot phase, sort of

then a monster/critter phase.
Then I turned to drawing attractive women. Something I like to draw when I can't think of anything good. I'm pretty sure the woman on the left is somehoe inspired by lady gaga. She is everywhere
Last but not least. I played around with color a bit while procrastinating.
In the next 5 weeks, I'll probably post more things that I draw in class... since that seems to be the only time I draw nowadays. Tata!