Monday, May 28, 2007

X- men much?

i think i've been awake for too long.....

but i started a new scarf, i bought some new paint, and am working on a tattoo...

ive found ways to keep myself occupied. yay

Damien Rice- 9 Crimes <3

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

As I Start my Summer Off with my Mysterious Annual Sping Sickness

-Ah, so ive been home for like 2 weeks? or something like that and i am SICK once again!
yaaaaaaay!... i think my body likes to screw me over once a year like this.

-i am still not sure what im going to occupy my time with this summer. im still looking for a job because i is terribly broke, but i started making poster for the 8x10 club! yaaaaaay!

This is my original poster. which im mostly happy about. i think i was really hungry for some cake while i was making this poster.

And then Brian, (the dude that im making these posters for) emails me and tell me the artists is african american!! so i had to go back in and recolor the thing. hahaha! so yea.. here's my chocolatized version of this poster! the colors made the image look soo much heavier that im not really pleased. but its ok!

- Anyways, ive relieved my boredom so far by watching lots and lots of movies. (alot of old ones) like "Shawshank Redemption", which has got to be the most satisfying movie i have ever seen. i cant believe how long it took me to get myself to watch that movie. other movies i saw were "Cider House Rules", "Bridget Jones Diary", "Pride and Prejudice" the A&E version( which had better characters), all the Batman Movies ( including that ridiculous one with George Clooney as Batman", and Munich. hmm.. there was probably more, but i cant think of anything else , meaning it really didnt affect me that much. haha

- Hmm... has got to be the most addicting site in the world. i already bought 2 movies.... uugghh... btw it was spiderman and love actually. I first bought spiderman because i have the 2nd movie, and i thought it might feel a little lonely on my shelf. I bought love actually because i have a huge shortage on chick flicks, and i think i need a feel good movie now and then.

- wow i wrote a lot.... probably because i 've been in i solation for the last 2 weeks. anyhoo, i will end this by saying that i want a fruit cake from cardinelli bakery and i want micheal caine to read to me.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Last Post At School 07'

-I am celebrating the year being over huzzah!
-This is my last post of the school year! its over!
- i am going to spend like 2 days in complete isolation when i get home. going to share stuff that i drew in my sketchbook while i was in crits. hehe.

Fashiony stuff....

Random thingy... i felt like drawing hot women and guitar
I have fallen in love with sloths

feeling hungry during crits...yumm.....
I dont think anything else i did this semester is this interesting so... yea..