Sunday, May 6, 2007

Last Post At School 07'

-I am celebrating the year being over huzzah!
-This is my last post of the school year! its over!
- i am going to spend like 2 days in complete isolation when i get home. going to share stuff that i drew in my sketchbook while i was in crits. hehe.

Fashiony stuff....

Random thingy... i felt like drawing hot women and guitar
I have fallen in love with sloths

feeling hungry during crits...yumm.....
I dont think anything else i did this semester is this interesting so... yea..


Annie said...

Mark suggested that I check out your blog ages ago, but I couldn't comment on your last one 'cause I don't have a Xanga account. Anyway, I love your sketches! Great stuff. Looking forward to seeing more.

Carol said...

there once was a girl named hannah
who decided to visit montana
she went the zoo,
stepped over some poo
but slipped and fell on a banana