Wednesday, April 9, 2008


its been quite a while since i updated, and the last month has been quite hectic. I don't have alot to post, but i finally got around to scanning some parts of my sketchbook. i seem to have four active sketchbooks right now and its a bit of a hassle to keep track of everything.

so i guess its now time to share my friends

Drawn a while back in class. someone suggested that she should cover up better.
some silly monsters
I also absolutely love coelacanths. i think theyre wonderful!

and these are sketches done while watching Venture brothers and Justice League. As you all can guess, i think Black Canary's awesome. ( the legs turned out a bit wonky)

hopefully, by the next time i post, i hope to have a real website.


Zombat said...

One day I hope to be able to draw women like you can ... I'll trade you some dude-drawin' ability for some women drawin' skills ;)

Sam Bosma said...

You draw really excellent women.

A couple notes:

1) Coelacanths are amazing.
2) I see that Bruce Timm White Queen copy up there. I caught you.
3) You should do a Black Canary redesign and send it over to Project Rooftop. They'd love it for one, and it would get you some site traffic.
4) Your Black Canary is badass.

Brenton Bagley said...

haha ive thought ceolocanths were rad since i was 4