Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Side/Freak Show, sculptures, and naked ladies.

The past few weeks I've been listening to a whole lot of Yann Tiersen, and Yann Tiersen reminds me of circuses and sideshows. So i spent the last 2 weeks or so doodling bearded ladies, midget/children, siamese twins, half animal people, contortionists and all sorts of fun things. So after a some sketching, I thought it would be fun to perhaps try and finish a couple of them.
Here are some of my decent sketches:

My cute little announcer/ringmaster girl. I think mostly wanted an excuse to draw a little girl in a frily dress.
My siamese/ conjoined twins that are connected at the hip and hair

And my so far my last completed decent sketch, the bearded lady. Very hairy.

I've had dam holding back ideas the past few weeks, so excuse me if some of my sketches and poses and clothes are lame. I'm hopefully going to work on them more as the days go by.

Now, while I was on complete art hiatus, I copied things out of books during my down time at work

This stuff is from a book on Hadrian. Lots of pretty stuff in that book

and last but not least, when in doubt, i turn to scantily clad women.

hopefully, next post will be more productive.


Nancy Muller said...

Dearest Darling Hannah,
Please, pretty please, don't ever stop drawing. You should take some of these to the finish - especially the little ring master, and my personal favorite, the bearded lady. That is the sexiest bearded lady I have ever seen.
Love Forever,

Megan said...

Oh hannah, my hannah.

I told you before how much I'm digging the side show people. That bearded lady is a megafox, I only dream of such grand hair and curves.

And your ladies, as usual, make me weep for their elegance. You have such flow and movement in your drawings, I'm very envious.

Judith Uzcategui said...

i love that last portrait, next to the boobs. soo much expression in that face. good job!