Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Percy Jackson and friends

hello blog, its been a while, i missed you.

these images are characters from a book series called Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I havent finished the series, but the basic gist of the series is that there are Greek Gods and Goddesses living in NY and their half god children (demi-gods) go to a camp called "Camp Half Blood" where they are sent on quests.



anyways, i did these for the Rick Riordan book signing event at my workplace. One of my managers decided to tell me about this a week before the event so these are sorta rushed but these were hung up as decoration in the events room. Rick Riordan was awesome, i am amazed he did not get carpal tunnel while signing all those books. He was even nice enough to sign the paintings afterwards.

well, thats all i got for today... probably a large sketch dump will be posted shortly.



kiaroll said...

i like your circus guys i hadnt seen before.

a whole weekend without my hanners. sigh.

jkim said...

Wow - you got Grover spot on! He's exactly how I imagined him. *ruffles goat-boy's hair* Annabeth is great, too, and Percy is almost perfect: I had thought that he had intense green eyes, like his dad? Maybe?

Anyway, great job (and I love the camp t-shirts!) You have amazing talent.

Averex said...

I love this series and i think ur a great artist i am a great artist too maybe we could hook up if ur in ny and draw some more pictures based on the story im in brooklyn whenever u come to brooklyn call this number or just call it when ur close ---17182563309

Megan Russell said...

Hannah, I hadn't seen the first one! Fantastic! You know I love them, but seeing them all together is really something.

I'm so happy you did this and got to meet the author and everything.

miss sunshine said...

Wow you are a super good artiest!

check it out:)