Wednesday, April 23, 2008

paintings galore!

so... because ive been all lazy and stuf, i didnt scan and edit my paintings from this semester till very recently.

after getting frustrated a whole lot while working digitally, i started to paint a bit more.

This beach illustration was the last digital thing i worked on this semester for thesis

Bopeep. i had the sudden urge to paint sheep
Aesop's Fable : The Fox and the Grapes. Story about a fox that wanted to eat grapes that were high up in a tree but couldn't reach so he just gives up and calls the grapes sour. 
This is the last painting that i worked on. this will also be the last painting i present at my final one on one crit. huzzah!

1 comment:

Karolion said...

the fat lady is amazing! i also like the sheeps :3