Thursday, May 1, 2008

Business cards and Baltimore's good bye gift

So, it is now the end of the semester, and i finally made business cards for myself.
this is the front

and this is the back. ive been feeling really self conscious cause there are just so many Hannahs in my contact info stuff and all.

i also found a sketch i liked in my sketchbook, so i scanned it and colored it for fun.
my little cat princess! I'm still such a little girl on the inside. =P

Anyways, if you guys are wondering what my farewell gift from Baltimore was, it was being mugged two nights ago at semi-gunpoint on my doorstep (I walked a block). Four years! and now that i'm leaving i guess Baltimore felt like i should get what i deserved for tempting it. So, i learned my lesson, to not walk around late at night... bleh

on a brighter note, i'm graduating soon, and i will be out of here in like 2 weeks! yaaay (sorta)


Karolion said...

oh geez. are you ok?

Meglette said...

I need me one of your super sexy cards, ASAP!